Estrima BIRÒ Winter
Electric car

voiture électrique BIRÒ WINTER

The BIRÒ WINTER electric car
Urban and minimalist quadricycle

Standard version – WITHOUT LICENSE
Driving from 14 years old (AM or BSR license)
Removable battery Lithium Re-Move
0 km
0 km/h
Max Speed
Up to
0 h
With Options
Driving from 16 years old (B1 licence)
Fixed battery
Lithium Maxi
0 km
Optional Bolt
0 km/h
Max Speed
Up to
0 h

The Estrima Birò Winter is an electric city cart WITHOUT LICENCE, and for all seasons. Or more exactly an L6e category quadricycle, in its basic version, not exceeding 45 km/h, and accessible from 14 years old. With the Bolt option, the Birò Winter moves into the L7e category, allowing it to reach 60 km/h, and requiring the B1 license.

With its original design, its very small size, this electric car is easy to drive, easy to park, ideal for driving in town.

Birò is approved for two people and therefore has two seats side by side.

In the standard version, its removable battery can be recharged anywhere, directly from a mains socket: at work, at home, etc. But it can also be recharged from a parking space equipped with an electrical terminal.

13 176€ TTC

* Recommended public prices including tax, excluding “ecological bonus” aid.


Standard equipment

The four-season electric car

The Birò Winter electric car is designed for all four seasons: sun, rain, wind or cold temperatures will never be a problem. The roof and rear window can be opened and the side doors removed in 10 seconds to let in light and air during the hottest seasons. But don’t forget that “less is more”, so everything superfluous has been eliminated to leave room only for the essentials and functionality.

Easy parking

A car pitch can accommodate up to 4 Birò.
Thanks to its compact size, you can easily maneuver through traffic, freely access limited traffic areas in many cities and easily park in the space of a scooter.
With cities becoming more and more crowded, Birò makes it possible to optimize space.

Removable battery

Birò is the only 4-wheeled personal vehicle that offers a removable Re-Move battery system.
Once you’ve parked your Birò, it’s easy to disassemble the battery and take it home, to the office, or wherever it’s convenient for you, to charge it in comfort, giving you the freedom to go. later in the day.
A really useful system if you don’t have a personal car park, but also to organize your trips efficiently.


Four disc brakes and a crush-proof tubular steel body keep you and your passenger safe.
The structure in acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS is rotoformed and thick to guarantee great durability and excellent shock absorption, while traveling comfortably seated and in complete safety thanks to the 3-point safety belts.


Estrima Birò Winter
Dimensions (L x l x h) – Height above the ground
1740 x 1030 x 1565 – 190mm
2x 48V electric brushless motors
Engine power
3,3 kW
Standard battery
Removable Lithium Re-Move battery for a range of up to 55 km
Optional battery
Fixed Lithium Maxi type battery for a range of up to 100 km
Road tyres
145/60 R13
Front / rear brakes
4x hydraulic disk brakes
Max Speed
Standard motor: 45 km/h
Bolt set up: 60 km/h
Compartment behind folding seats
41 liters
99 colors on order
Extra chassis color
Extra hood color
Charging station kit (3A)
Graphic customization
Optional BOLT