Electric bike
ASKOLL eB5 and eB5U

Vélos électriques ASKOLL eB5 et eB5U

ASKOLL eB5 and eB5U, electric mountain bikes

eB5 / eB5U
Available in 1 color: titanium gray
0 km
0 km/h
Max Speed
0 h

The ASKOLL eB5 and eB5U electrically assisted bicycles are Trekking type bicycles equipped for all terrain. Available in size L, with 28″ wheels, they are available with two different frames: eB5 (men’s frame), eB5U (unisex frame). The Askoll eB5 bike will allow you to be comfortable on all terrains and enjoy sporty driving.

men’s or unisex frame
1490€ TTC

* Recommended public prices including tax, excluding “ecological bonus” aid.


Montain bike

SR Suntour shock-absorbing fork, gear shift shimano 7 speeds, and Schwalbe all-terrain tires.

Mini on-board computer

Multifunction display

Battery level, trip speed, level of assistance

4 levels of assistance

4 progressive modes + 1 unassisted mode

2 special programs

Walk-assistant mode
Hill start support

Detail of the eB5 model

gear shift 7 speeds

Shimano gear shift 7 manual speeds

Shock-absorbing fork

SR Suntour Shock-absorbing fork and front disc brake for more comfort and safety

adjustable handlebars

profiled and adjustable handlebars

Propulsion engine

Motor in the rear wheel with 4 levels of assistance

Lightweight removable battery

Recharging is really easy: remove the battery (it weighs less than 3 kg) and connect it to any power socket. Allow 5 hours for a full charge3 hours for an 80% charge.

Charging on power socket

It recharges quickly, giving you up to 80km of autonomy*. If you don’t have much time you can give it just a partial recharge: recharging for 15 minutes ensures 5 km riding with assistance level 1.




Mountain bike, men’s or unisex frame
Size L aluminum frame:
28″ wheels, Length 1810 mm, Handlebar width 700 mm, Weight 23 kg.
Removable battery
Lithium-ion 400Wh, 36V-11,6Ah,
Weight: 2,6 kg
Charging time
5 hours to 100% (3 hours and a half at 80%)
Askoll brushless electric motor with external rotor integrated into the rear hub
Power 250 W nominal, Torque 40 Nm
Up to 80 km
Max speed with assistance
25 km/h
Maximum load
120kg (rider + additional load)
Assistance levels
4 modes + 1 unassisted mode
Special programs
1/ support program
2/ Hill start assistance
Shimano Acera 7-speed manual gear shift, adjustable handlebars, shock-absorbing fork with 63mm of travel and Lockout system (stroke locking).
Front / rear rims
Double-walled aluminum
Front / rear brakes
Disk-Brake mecanical
V-Brake integrated into the frame
Command board
mini LCD Display
Front / rear lighting